schematic capture

Schematic capture involves entering the circuits into the CAD system, with regard to the end product.

pcb design

Our team is dedicated to delivering PCB designs on time and to your budget.

firmware writing

We are also capable of writing the microcontroller firmware based on the specific needs of your project.

full design

We can take your project through all the design phases and deliver a finished product.

PCB Design Company

    Circuit Design SRL is known for the design of both hardware and firmware for embedded systems, from single processor units performing only a limited number of functions to more complex systems that accommodate multiple units and a number of peripherals and subsystems.

    Embedded systems are used nowadays in almost any product created by humans. They solve a huge range of problems within many applications and can improve performance, reliability and efficiency. Allowing the designer to add new features and reduce the cost and size of projects, their use gives a competitive advantage.

    Many electronics companies outsource the design (layout) of the PCB (printed circuit board) that is used in their products. This is done because costs can be much lower and the specifications are very easy to send in any corner of the world, weather they are just electronic circuits and components written on a piece of paper or schematics in a digital format.

    PCB design is usually done today on a software application called an EDA (electronic design automation) tool. These tools range in price from free tools that can be downloaded from the web to enterprise class tools that cost many tens of thousands of dollars. The output of the PCB design process is a set of files called Gerbers or Gerber files. These files are then used by a PCB manufacturer to make the printed circuit board.

Latest Projects:

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This system was designed to check whether or not a hotel room is occupied using a PIR sensor to detect movement and a Hall Effect sensor...   Read More

GPS tracking device

A device designed for the auto industry that is connected to the battery of a car or truck and transmits the vehicle's GPS position to a web server...   Read More

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